Daily Devotional-Week 44


We encourage you to spend time reading your Bible and reflecting on God's Word!

Our PORTICO pastors have designed a reading plan that follows the weekly sermon series. Each week you'll have a portion of Scripture to read and reflect on that relates to what you learned on Sunday. You can pick & choose how many chapters you can read each day.

Watch this preview of what you'll be reading this week...

Oct 31-Nov 6, 2021

This week, set aside a few moments each day (Sunday-Saturday), to read through the following chapters:

Daniel 1-6


For your daily Bible devotion, try our S.O.A.P. method:

  • SCRIPTURE - what Bible passage stood out to you?
  • OBSERVATION - what did you learn when you reflected on that Bible verse?
  • APPLICATION - how can apply that scripture to your life?
  • PRAYER - write down your prayer to God after completing your daily devotional.