[July 29/Aug 2] Re-Embrace God's Love

Growth Group Study Guide

Re-Embrace God's Love

POINT 1: God’s love is irrational (not governed according to reason)

POINT 2: God’s love is incomparable (beyond or not suitable for comparison)

POINT 3: God's love is relentless (no abatement of intensity, severity or pace)


Discussion questions
Choose questions to get your group thinking and create openness:

  1. Begin your discussion with highlights from this Sunday’s sermon? What something that stood out to you? Share what you learned and how will it impact your life?
  2. What questions did this Sunday’s message raise? Share them in the group and offer your answers to each other’s questions.
  3. Read 1 John 4:7-10. What is the difference between claiming that “God is loving,” and claiming that “God is love”? Why is the second more meaningful than the first? 

  4. Read Isaiah 43:4 (The Message): “That’s how much you mean to me; That’s how much I love you! I’d sell off the whole world to get you back, trade the creation just for you”. How can you let this deep sense of your worth permeate every part of your life? 

  5. Read Psalm 139:1-12. How does it make you feel to realize that God knows you? That there is nowhere that you can go where he doesn't see you or know what you are doing? That there is nothing you can do that will surprise Him? 

  6. Read Psalm 139:13-14. How does it make you feel when you contemplate the fact that God formed you? That He crafted and created and fashioned every part of you? 

  7. Read Psalm 139:15-16. How does it make you feel to know that God has ordained all of your days—that you have a destiny? 


  1. Pray for healing to those who are sick with the virus around the world. Pray for comfort, peace and grace who lost loved ones to the virus.

  2. Pray for churches, that they may not grow weary of proclaiming the gospel of Christ and serve as a beacon of hope to a suffering world.

  3. Pray for our public health and government officials in our nation the strength and will to act swiftly and decisively, with wisdom and compassion in service to all.

Take 10-15 minutes
to share in your group some of the insight you have learned from your recent Life Journal Readings. For reference, here are this week's passages.


Life Journal Readings


  • Nahum 1
  • Nahum 2
  • Nahum 3
  • John 5


  • 2 Kings 22
  • 2 Chronicles 34
  • John 6


  • 2 Kings 23
  • 2 Chronicles 35
  • John 7


  • Habakkuk 1
  • Habakkuk 2
  • Habakkuk 3
  • John 8


  • Zephaniah 1
  • Zephaniah 2
  • Zephaniah 3
  • John 9

                      AUGUST 7

  • Jeremiah 1
  • Jeremiah 2
  • John 10


  • Jeremiah 3
  • Jeremiah 4
  • John 11



Memory Verse

Lamentations 3:40 MSG