Study Guide: Stretch Your Faith

Growth Group Study Guide

Stretch Your Faith

POINT 1: Adventurous faith only emerges in a storm.

POINT 2: Adventurous faith is not without risk!

POINT 3: Adventurous faith has rewards.


Discussion questions
Choose questions to get your group thinking and create openness:

  1. Begin your discussion with highlights from this Sunday’s sermon? What something that stood out to you? Share what you learned and how will it impact your life?

  2. What questions did this Sunday’s message raise? Share them in the group and offer your answers to each other’s questions.

  3. What kind of things do you tend to trust in when life gets stormy, that makes you feel comfortable and secure rather than fearful?

  4. Read Matthew 14:28-29. How do we know when God is calling you to do something? How does God speak to you? Have you ever asked Him to allow you to do something crazy or supernatural like Peter? Did you get out of the boat? What happened? 

  5. By walking on water, calming the storm, and immediately bringing the disciples to their destination, Jesus does three miracles that reveal who he is. What do these miracles tell about Jesus? Read Job 9:8 and Psalm 107:28-30. 

  6. What have you personally learned about Christ through a difficult season in life?

  7. In this story, who really failed? Was it Peter who asked Jesus to call him out of the boat, or was it the other 11 who didn’t budge? Have you ever been accused of failing at something that, in reality, wasn’t really a failure? What happened? 



  1. Pray that all the Growth Group continue to develop relationships with those who are far from God, and invite them to their groups. 
  2. Pray that all of our Growth Groups take time to follow up on all the new people trying to get into small groups. 
  3. Pray that members of Growth Group will step up to lead, facilitate and start a new Growth Group.

Take 10-15 minutes
to share in your group some of the insight you have learned from your recent Life Journal Readings. For reference, here are this week's passages.

Life Journal Readings

  • September 20 (Day 264) - Daniel 7; Daniel 8; Psalms 137; Luke 4
  • September 21 (Day 265) - Daniel 9; Daniel 10; Psalms 123; Luke 5
  • September 22 (Day 266) - Daniel 11; Daniel 12; Luke 6
  • September 23 (Day 267) - Ezra 1; Psalms 84; Psalms 85; Luke 7
  • September 24 (Day 268) - Ezra 2; Ezra 3; Luke 8
  • September 25 (Day 269) - Ezra 4; Psalms 113; Psalms 127; Luke 9
  • September 26 (Day 270) - Haggai 1; Haggai 2; Psalms 129; Luke 10


Memory Verse

Ephesians 4:3  NCV