Citizen of Mississauga, citizen of Canada. What would it look like for you to act honorably in this country as a Canadian, as a resident of this city? And yet faithful to God? Again, I would submit we have not got this perfectly. And and that's our problem because those who are wise will find a way to do what is right. You know what? The thing that we hate about politics is that they tear each other down all the time. Right? So why are we doing that? Because we get sucked into the ways of the world. It is God's will that you should live honorable lives. Why? You will silence ignorant people who make false accusations against you if you live honorably for you are free. And yet you are God's slaves. Don't use your freedom as an excuse to do evil. Respect everyone. Love the family of believers. Fear God. Respect the King.

We are ONE Church, with ONE Message, and MANY Expressions.

We are committed to "helping people find their way back to God" through our CORE Values:
- CONNECT with the Christ's family
- GROW in Christ-likeness
- SERVE Christ's mission in the world

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