2. Praise You Anywhere

Verse 1

Sometimes you've gotta dance through the darkness Sing through the fire Praise when it don't make sense Sometimes you've gotta stare down the giant Worship from the lion's den

Sometimes you've gotta shout it from the mountain Louder in the valley Trusting that He's gonna get you there Sometimes you've gotta welcome the wonder Wait for the answer Worship with your hands in the air

I'll praise You anywhere



Give Him praise

Give Him praise In the highest


Give Him praise

Give Him praise In the highest

He is worthy Yes, He is worthy of all of the praise

Verse 2

Sometimes you've gotta praise in the prison Cry out to heaven Shout it 'til the doors swing wide Sometimes you've gotta stand on your shackles Brave in the battle Worship with your hands held high

I'll praise You anywhere


Faithful all my life

Blessings day and night

Countless reasons why

I'll praise You anywhere

Every promise kep

Goodness every step

Each and every breath

I'll praise You anywhere

I'll praise You anywhere


Ben Fielding, Brandon Lake, Hank Bentley, Jacob Sooter 

CCLI Song #7219772 

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