The Dunning Kruger Effect


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the dunning Kruger effect is a cognitive bias that states this people with limited competence or knowledge in a certain area tend to overestimate their skill and knowledge, and it gives them a false sense of their own ability. Basically, the less skilled or knowledgeable we are the more convinced we are that we're experts. We're living in a day and age where people seem to have very strong opinions on things.They've only just learned about people. Research something for a few weeks and they feel like they're an expert in global politics, human rights, financial systems and more. But people who devote years of study to these same topics get to an understanding that these topics are nuanced and complicated. For a follower of Jesus, before we ever get to opinionated on everything. We should first ask ourselves, Do I really know what the Bible says about this stuff? Or have I formed a quick opinion and then found a few verses that back up my idea? Let's learn to become good students of the Bible who understand and search for truth. Not an easy one.

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